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Sport-Premium LTD in 320 cities and counties


Satisfactory cooperation


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Engaging medium of information, promotion and advertisement of companies and their active participation in local economic
and social life guarantee an ongoing development and satisfaction for every entrepreneur.

More about us and our products

- Sport-Premium LTD is the initiator of the Nationwide System
of Regional Economic and Social Activities, an idea implemented
in collaboration with local administrations in cities and regions.
- We have satisfactory cooperation with more than 320 cities and powiats across Poland.

Our System provides entrepreneurs with opportunity to actively promote their services and products. We care so our clients maintain prestigious position on the local, regional and national markets. The System creates a platform of information exchange among local administrations, business entities and local communities in cities and regions.


Product: Multi-active Package is a set of highly effective solutions to promote/disseminate information and advertisement within the System of Regional Economic and Social Activities of national and European-wide.

Multi-active Package offers a full year promotion of your business across diverse advertisement media.

It is designed to reach public online and when on the go, outside homes. it’s an online Director of Companies and Institutions with multi-million traffic/monthly that provides an effective opportunity for promoting your business locally, regionally and nationwide.

In addition we offer services through and where our visitors may find free legal documents templates
regarding economic and social matters.

Our outdoor products include Citylight-style Vitrines, City Maps, Powiat Maps, Information Editors, Folders, Inquirers. Those are comprehensive solutions that we design, produce and modernize always with the purpose to serve our clients most effectively. To meet expectations of today’s market we also produce highly professional publicity and information media such as: advertising editors, transit advertising, promotional boxes, etc. You may find more about our services at: All Sport-Premium products are characterized by highest quality, security and aesthetics as well as exceptional durability. Their functionality stems from many years of experience with our partners.

Sport-Premium LTD has the exclusive right to above-mentioned industrial designs.

What other benefits does – Directory of Companies and Institutions offer?

- Presentation and multi-languages usage

- Multi-million/monthly viewership from across region, nation and Europe.

In today’s dynamically developing world of technology, Internet became most needed medium for spreading information, promotional and advertising campaigns for every business. The Directory of Companies and Institutions at is designed and fully created by Sport-Premium having in mind its practical usability, functionality and friendly cooperation with search engines. It has capabilities to meet individual needs of our clients and their businesses. is distinguished by clarity and ease of use. Optimally designed pages provide a highly effective and top quality communication channel for announcement, promotion campaigns and other advertisements. The Directory is kept updated and list only economically active entities.

Through diversity of its products, provides an effective way to promote business – its products and services and execute advertising campaigns according to highly specific requirements. Depending on individual needs, our clients may choose among:

- Packages: NET-MAX, NET-EXPRESS, NET-INFO. Depending on the package, our clients are provided with management panel; creator for introducing updates, editing, developing pages and editor to revise information

- Advertising banners: ROLLING BANNER and STATIC BANNER with possibility to choose place, size and time of exposition.

- Basic listing entry that displays main information on a business