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Terms of Service


  1. Sport-Premium – Sport-Premium LTD headquartered in Warsaw at 25, Denarowa Street; 02-490, entered into the National Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS) under the number KRS 0000112027, holding the tax identification number (NIP): 522-225-74-15, with registered initial capital of PLN 150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand zlotych).

  2. (hereinafter referred also as “Portal”) – A web portal and Directory of Companies and Institutions administered by Sport-Premium that operates as an information platform with access to the Internet.

  3. Terms of Service – The present Terms of Service agreement

  4. User – An individual using the Portal in whatever way

  5. Client – A natural person conducting a business registered in the relevant register of commercial activities; a legal person, an entity with no legal personhood which on its own behalf or on the basis of the relevant power of attorney on behalf of a third party is using paid services on

  6. Database – Data collection of Polish companies and institutions to which information the exclusive right rests with Sport-Premium.

  7. Package – A combination of items on offered by Sport-Premium to its clients or users as paid or free-of-charge services.

General conditions

  1. The present Terms of Service set forth rules of usage for

  2. By using or accessing, the user agrees to comply with provisions of the Terms of Service.

  3. Sport-Premium stipulates that the User uses only at the expense and risk of the User.

  4. The User is obliged to use the Portal in a manner consistent with all applicable laws, rules of social conduct and customs.

  5. Users remain anonymous and all system logs data (IP addresses) are processed only for technical purposes, servers resources management and general statistical information necessary for the proper conduct and operations of

  6. serves as a database that is managed by the User through a set of tools available on the Portal only to find, display and print stored information of companies and institutions. Materials provided to the User are in the form of text, image, graphic, video, animation, map and presentation published on by Clients or employees of Sport-Premium.

  7. Client may use Packages after registering in the Portal, filling in the form located at Creating an account means that the User accepts Terms of Service and results in the conclusion of an agreement in accordance with the Terms of Service as well as with provisions laid down in the offer. After replacing free Package with a paid service, all provisions of the Terms of Service remain in force with no need to reconfirm their acceptance in any form.

  8. Acceptance of the Terms of Service is tantamount with confirmation

  9. The Client declares that all materials and information placed on the Portal are his or her own and do not infringe the rights of any third party or any goods protected by law. In case the abovementioned statement proves invalid, the Client hereby releases Sport-Premium from any liability and will undertake to cover any costs that Sport-Premium may incur in connection with the claim.

  10. By accepting Terms of Service, the Client gives his or her consent to publishing any data placed in the Portal, graphic signs, trademarks and other marks.

  11. All copyrights to the elements, i.e. graphics, descriptions and technical solutions as well as HTML codes, CSS, Java Script which are “works” within the meaning of Article 1 of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Dz. U. 06.90.631 with further amendments) are vested in Sport-Premium.

  12. The rights referred to in the preceding paragraph shall not prejudice the rights of the Client in terms of the data entered by him or her, with the proviso that the Client authorizes the use of these elements as provided in the Terms of Service.

  13. The Client consents to the collection, processing, publishing and use of data made public by the Client as well as to editing them in the extent necessary for their proper display, including changes in the size or weight of image files.

  14. By accepting the Terms of Service, the User consents to the collection, processing and use of his or her personal data by Sport-Premium for marketing purposes. Sport-Premium may share those data with certain of our business partners. In the extend indicated above, the Client declares that he or she has been duly informed of the possibility of access to the provided data and of correcting them.

  15. By accepting the Terms of Service, the Client as a natural person consents to the collection, processing and use of his or her personal data in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997 (unified text: Journal of Laws 2002, No. 101, item. 926 with further amendments; Dz. U. 2002, Nr 101, poz. 926). The Client has the right to access his or her personal data and correct them.

Contract conclusion and termination

  1. The present Terms of Service constitutes an integral part of any contract on electronic services delivery the Client concludes with Sport-Premium.

  2. The contract is concluded when the Client is registered on to use paid or free services.

  3. The contract between the Client and Sport-Premium is concluded for a definite term, i.e. for the time required to execute the ordered Package service or any other service.

  4. Termination can occur by either of the Parties by submitting a two weeks

  5. Termination of the Contract will result in the removal of Client data presented on

  6. Termination occurs via e-mail, by sending a message to the address: from the email address the Client has provided in the order form on; or in a written letter sent to the address of Sport-Premium.

  7. Sport-Premium may terminate the Contract with immediate effect in the event when the Client breaches provisions of the Terms of Service or other applicable regulations relating to the services delivery by Sport-Premium, particularly when:

    1. The Client has provided false or inaccurate data or information contradicting the law

    2. The Client has infringed any rights of a third party.

  8. A violation of the provisions hereof shall also be acts undertaken for the purpose of circumventing them.

  9. In the event of termination by the Client or Sport-Premium, in the case referred to in the preceding point, the Client is not entitled to costs reimbursement or compensation.

Principles of usage

  1. allows its Clients to publish information about business they conduct to the extent permitted by the ordered Package.

  2. Every Client may purchase one of the available paid packages that allow publication of information about the business they represent.

  3. The paid Package allows using all its features for the period of 12 months.

  4. reserves itself the right to change prices for packages, conducting promotional campaigns, offering discounts and free sharing of packages for testing purposes.

  5. The Client can publish free-of-charge information about commercial activities of the company he or she represents as a part of the Free Basic Entry Package provided that he or she fills in correctly the online form available at

  6. Client who purchased an advertisement as part of the integrated Sport-Premium solutions product will receive unpaid entry on that includes: company name, address, phone number, fax number, industry affiliation and keywords that allow for finding the company in search results. After registering the payment for advertisement as part of the integrated solutions product, Client will also receive a page with advertisement graphic identical to the one provided with the integrated product.

  7. Client who purchased and advertisement as part of the integrated Sport-Premium solutions product together with the service

  8. After registering the payment for advertisement as part of the integrated solutions product, Client will additionally receive a page with advertisement graphic identical to the one provided with the integrated product, as well as active links redirecting to a www page and email, if they were provided when signing the contract.
    Google Maps application is owned by Google. Sport-Premium LTD is not responsible for any errors in the display of business location.

  9. The method of updating information and data depends on the purchased package: independently by the Client using the tools available on the website or through the portal operator on

  10. The Client is required to enter information in Polish. This information should be correct in terms of style, spelling and grammar.

  11. It is forbidden to fulfill text fields with unrelated content and to upload files which have no direct connection with activities or offer of the Client business under pain of removal of such information.

  12. The Client bears all responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the information entered. At the same time it is prohibited to enter information that could mislead users.

  13. The Client is obliged to immediately update the data if there is any change. Lack of timely updates made by the Client excludes liability of Sport-Premium in this respect.

  14. It is forbidden to place links to other web pages in the places not intended to do so, especially in the fields: "company name" and “business address”. has the right to remove wrongly placed links without having to inform the Client.

Specific provisions

  1. Information and files provided to and stored in may not be used to create or expand a different database and may not be available and disseminated to other websites.

  2. Sport-Premium does not guarantee that the results of the search will meet the user

  3. Sport-Premium is not responsible for any use of the information from the database, in particular for damages incurred by the Users and their benefits being lost.

  4. Sport-Premium has the right, without prior notice, to remove the information and files introduced improperly by the Client to the Portal, in violation of applicable laws, customs and standards adopted in this type of activity, and have no direct connection with the company's business that the Client represents.

  5. Sport-Premium has the right to unilaterally decide on the content and appearance of Sport-Premium has the right to suspend the operations of the Portal, can modify the content and layout without prior notice to the Client.

  6. Clients shall have only the right to use the Portal on the conditions specified in the Terms of Service and in accordance with the capabilities of the Package held by the Client. The User has no right to any interference with the operation of the Portal as well as with its contents.

  7. Sport-Premium shall not be liable to the Client in the event of a breach by a third party of any of his or her rights in terms of operation of

Technical requirements and security

  1. Proper use of the Portal requires the installation of the latest stable version of the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Opera. In addition, it is required to enable JavaScript in the browser. The same time, Sport-Premium does not warrant that the Portal will run without interruption or breaks.

  2. Sport-Premium is not responsible for any difficulties or lack of access to for reasons of Sport-Premium independent, in particular in case of failure, technical break, and interruption of services by Internet providers, loss of data or due to force majeure.

  3. Sport-Premium reserves the right to temporary suspension of operations of for maintenance reasons.

Warranty terms

  1. User has the right to complain by letter to the address of Sport-Premium or email sent at the address:

  2. Deadline for considering the complaint is 14 days from the date of its receipt.

Final provisions

  1. The present Terms of Service may be amended at any time by Spot-Premium in its entirety or in part.

  2. Sport-Premium regardless of the Terms of Service may, under separate regulations, introduce promotions, special offers, discounts, etc. Such regulations shall not prejudice the present Terms of Service unless otherwise determined by the content of those regulations.

  3. The Terms of Service applies in each case upon its publication on the